Small Talk

8777 San Jose Blvd #701
Jacksonville, FL 32217
Telephone: (904) 733-8255 (TALK)
Fax: (904) 733-5034
St. Augustine location
1301 Plantation Island Dr #202A
St. Augustine, FL 32080
Palatka location
423 St. John’s Ave, Suite 2
Palatka, FL 32177

See What Others Think About Small Talk

"My son's experience with Small Talk has been wonderful. The therapists are really nice and friendly. I like the way they interact with children, they make speech fun. Before I started my son in speech therapy it was difficult, because at home it was more of a chore than fun time for him. My son has learned so much and I've noticed an increase in his confidence. Everyone I know has told me that they've noticed a big change in his speech. He used to get angry and upset when people couldn't understand him and he would always give up on telling stories. Now he is confident and proud of himself, and a really good story teller. He really enjoys going to speech therapy, and not only has he learned, but I've also learned on how to help teach him. We now have more fun at home with learning. I recommend Small Talk to everyone in need of speech therapy. I'm sure they will enjoy the same experience we've had. I would like to say thank you to Ms. Alison and Ms. Lindsey for making this a wonderful experience for my family. Your time with us is greatly appreciated. Thank you Small Talk!"

-Carrie S.
Son, Damian, Age 5

"Nicholas enjoys coming here and learning with Ms. Alison. He is talking more and he is learning fast."

- Jennifer O.
Son, Nicholas, Age 3

"Working with the Small Talk team has been an absolute joy. My child has shown a marked improvement because of our time with them. we really appreciate all that you do to help us improve our speech skills."

-Lacreshia A.
Son, Aleksander, age 5

"A friend recommended Small Talk to us. Our first contact was with Julie Watts. She was knowledgeable and so kind. I knew we were in good hands. We were given Alison for our therapist. We LOVE her! She is loving, engaging, and she knows her stuff. Joseph and I look forward to each visit. Joseph responds so well to her and he will do anything she asks of him. I have confidence that with this therapy Joseph's speech will improve greatly. We highly recommend Small Talk, Inc.!"

-Maggie B
Son, Joseph, Age 4


"I am able to understand people talking to me now! The Small Talk team has helped me learn to listen with my cochlear implant. Now it is clicking!"

-Randy P., Age 59

"We are VERY pleased with Liam's speech progress! We can understand him now!"
- Jamie, mother of Liam 3 years-old


"The therapists at Small Talk CARE! We are very grateful for the services that we have received!"

-John, father of Joey, 6-years-old